Electricity supply and branching for new consumers, including feasibility studies, obtaining TCAs (Technical Connection Approvals), providing documentation for the electricity supply contract, execution of works.

Technical Details:

For new consumers from the Bucharest Municipality, Ilfov and Giurgiu counties, who require electricity supply and electric branching, we provide:

  • Turnkey projects (from first approval to commissioning);
  • Technical projects and details of execution and approval at the Distribution Operator;
  • Obtaining the urbanism certificate, permits and Building Permits;
  • Execution of overhead power lines;
  • Execution of underground power lines;
  • Modernization and execution of overhead power lines;
  • Identification of cable routes, location of faults in cables using the Test Van System Centrix 2.0;
  • Sectioning of cables with the electrical insulator, repairing any type of cable using modern accessories;
  • Testing after repairs and powering up.

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