Turnkey electricity supply projects requiring transformer stations.

Studies, projects and execution for electricity supply to industrial and/or residential consumers of any power or standby power supply with generators.

Technical Details:

For supplying new industrial or residential consumers/investments with power from tens of kW to thousands of kW we provide:

  • Expert advice for the choice of site (location) for investment and for ensuring minimum investment in electricity supply
  • Study of the solution for electricity supply, and obtaining the Technical Approvals for connection from the grid operator (Electrica, ENEL, CEZ or EON)
  • Feasibility studies - technical projects - specifications - execution details for electricity supply, obtaining planning certificates, approvals, agreements and building permits for electrical connections and transformer substations designed
  • Execution of works on the connection tariff and outside the connection tariff
  • Preparation of the files for electricity supply and use installations and their submission to the network operator (Electrica, ENEL, CEZ, EON, etc.)
  • Preparation of the file for the conclusion of the electricity supply contract, its submission to the electricity supplier

For existing transformer substations we execute:

  • Modernizations, construction and electrical part
  • Power amplifications
  • Replacements of equipment
  • Periodic tests, measurements and trials according to the regulations in force
  • Periodic routine works, repair works
  • Operational work (manoeuvres and accidental interventions) for subscriber stations - on contract basis

Warranty and post-warranty service for all work performed.
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